Casting a look into the future, Mercedes-Benz has created a concept that shows how an autonomous vehicle can be more than just transportation, but also a private retreat on wheels. The Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion is a show car that was developed for debut at the Consumer Electronics Show rather than a traditional motor show, underscoring how the German automaker's take on future mobility is evolving away from conventional thinking.

According to Mercedes, the F 015 Luxury in Motion is a visionary answer to a changing world which will see more urban congestion, a fact of life in a world in which mega-cities of 10 million or more will increase from about 30 today to more than 40. "The single most important luxury goods of the 21st century are private space and time," said Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Daimler AG chairman and head of Mercedes-Benz Cars. "Autonomously driving cars by Mercedes-Benz shall offer exactly that. With the F 015 Luxury in Motion, this revolutionary concept of mobility becomes tangible for the first time."

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Lounge-like cabin

This monospace concept offers maximum interior volume in a lounge-like setting. The key feature of this cabin is a variable seating system with four rotating lounge chairs that allow a face-to-face configuration. Mercedes says the occupants can use their time aboard to work, relax or communicate. In order to make getting in and out of the vehicle easier, the power seats swing out as much as 30 degrees as soon as the coach-style doors are opened.

More important than the flexibility of the cabin accommodations is the high level of connectivity that not only allows this electric vehicle to drive itself, but also for the passengers to communicate with the outside world. There are six display screens integrated into the instrument panel and well as the side and rear surfaces of the cabin, which are able to turn the interior into a digital arena. Passengers can interact with the vehicle through gestures, eye-tracking or touching the high-res screens. Other features include laser projectors and LED displays to bring a three-dimension aspect to the interactive experience.

"We have the technology which makes autonomous driving a reality in everyday traffic," Zetsche observed, adding, "We have a master plan in place to take the big leap required getting from technically feasible to commercially viable. The F 015 Luxury in Motion demonstrations where this may take us."


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