Kelley Blue Book has officially released the first samples of "Showroom by Kelley Blue Book," a new-car smell cologne for men. Touted by its creators as "The Trusted Fragrance," Kelley Blue Book distills Showroom to recapture the exhilarating scents and utter confidence a man's body absorbs the first time he inhales a deep breath in his new car.

Part Chopin nocturne and part Foo Fighters video, Showroom by Kelley Blue Book endows a man with the grit and the gravitas to negotiate a bulletproof deal on a new car, the elegance to order the perfect red blend on a first date, and the athletic certitude of a lacrosse midfielder. The intoxicating sense memory that a new-car smell conjures in both strong men and strong women is the essence of Showroom by Kelley Blue Book.

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It's impossible to argue that a robust new-car smell cologne doesn't belong everywhere, from the 50-yard line in Tampa Bay to wildflower season in the Anza Borrego Desert. "As men's grooming and car-buying habits evolve," says Kelley Blue Book's Chief Parfumier, John Smith, "we want to give those men a chance to not only hang on to the romance of that new-car smell for as long as possible, but also to let that empowering smell waft from them even when they aren't driving. Crafting a men's cologne like Showroom by Kelley Blue Book was an easy business decision for the company to make."

Currently offered in Nappa Leather and Clean Vinyl scents, Showroom by Kelley Blue Book promises to add a completely new dimension to men's cologne.

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