KBB Weekend: Electric VW, more BMW diesels, March deals, video trio

By KBB.com Editors on March 16, 2013 7:27 AM
m-b-g63-amg-6x6-gray-action-profile-sand-tossing-600-001 m-b-663-amg-6x6-front-action-gray-airborne-600-001 m-b-g63-amg-6x6-front-action1-gray-600-001 m-b-g63-amg-6x6-gray-action-throwing-sand-600-001 m-b-g63-amg-two-car-hero-shot-static-600-001 m-b-g63-amg-front-static-white-articulated-600-001 m-b-g63-amg-front-action-on-road2-white-600-001 m-b-g63-amg-6x6-on-road-action-profile-white-600-001 m-b-g63-amg-6x6-frton-action1-white-600-001 m-b-g63-amg-6x6-rear-tailgate-detail-600-001 m-b-g63-amg-6x6-dash-front-seat-detail-600-001 m-b-g63-amg-6x6-rear-seat-600-001

What you see in the gallery above is the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6 that Mercedes says is actually headed for (very limited) production. What you'll find below is a look back at the rest of the top stories, reviews and videos of the past week.

KBB Video: Does the new Accord still drive like an Accord?
Honda's best-selling model undergoes an elegant evolution

KBB Video: Dropping the top on VW's new Beetle Convertible
Volkswagen's newest al fresco offering makes its open-and-shut case for stylish, affordable fun

KBB Video: Looking beyond the Fisker Karma's gorgeous lines
This futuristic high-end hybrid pushes the limits on every level

Volkswagen unveils its first production EV
From show stand to the street, VW's new e-up! gets ready to roll on down electric avenue

2014 BMW 3 Series turbodiesels previewed
Coming this summer, the new 328d Sedan and Sport Wagon promise solid performance with an econo edge

2014 Acura RLX pushes the premium button -- hard
Acura's new range-topping sedan pleases drivers and pampers passengers

First look: Callaway Corvette AeroWagon
Will this high-concept shooting brake really see the showroom? 

10 Best Car Deals of the Month
A double handful of solid choices that require $0 down and less than $300 a month

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