A Perennial Favorite and Now a 2015 Best Buy Award Winner

The Honda Odyssey isn't just our first-ever Minivan Best Buy, it's arguably the best family car out there. In addition to all the family-friendly advantages that distinguish the minivan segment -- cavernous interior, three roomy rows of seats and sliding rear doors -- the Honda Odyssey boasts available trophy features like an ultra-wide rear-seat entertainment screen that can show two movies side by side, and even a built-in vacuum cleaner. Topped off by all the refinement and reliability for which the brand is known, it's no wonder the Honda Odyssey is a family favorite.

Driving It

"Considering its primary mission is to haul passengers and cargo in safety and comfort, the 2015 Honda Odyssey is surprisingly satisfying to drive. The 248-horsepower V6 isn't the most powerful but it has no problem moving this big van along without fuss, and paired with the standard 6-speed automatic it gets a class-leading 28 mpg on the highway." Get more driving insights in our 2015 Honda Odyssey full review.

Cool Features

Vacuum cleaners aren't cool on their own, but put one in a minivan and now they're both cooler. Instead of finding a car wash or dragging a vacuum out of the garage, with the HondaVAC you can tidy up after the kids or the pets right in the middle of a road trip, or whenever the mood strikes. The kids, however, will be more impressed by the Odyssey's rear entertainment system, which comes with a screen so wide it can show a movie on one side and a video game on the other. 

Odyssey Video

"Move past the Odyssey's potentially polarizing exterior, and you'll find an interior that's meticulously crafted for family use." Our video review of the 2013 Honda Odyssey remains a useful five minutes for shoppers of the 2015 model.

Minivan Multitasking

KBB.com reader and Honda Odyssey owner Verndog is thrilled with this minivan's versatility: "I never thought I'd own a minivan but I never thought I'd have 4 kids! With that said, I told myself if I'm going to get a minivan, it's going to be the coolest minivan with all the bells and whistles out there! The Odyssey is so practical for families. I even took it on a guys' fishing, mountain biking, rafting adventure and it was awesome. My buddies used to make fun of me, now they think it's way cool. Perfect road trip vehicle." Other Odyssey owners feel the love, too. Read more Honda Odyssey consumer reviews.

Build and Price

The 2015 Honda Odyssey starts just under $30,000 and tops out around $45,000 for the top-of-the-line, vacuum-packed Touring Elite. But those are sticker prices, and you should expect to pay a little less. Build and price your own 2015 Honda Odyssey to unlock this week's Kelley Blue Book Fair Purchase Price, 5-Year Cost to Own and more.

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