Honda Concept S foreshadows new production people mover

By Editors on April 25, 2012 6:26 AM

Making its world debut in Beijing, the Honda Concept S offers a one-off preview of a vehicle the automaker plans to add to its worldwide portfolio starting next year. While initial distribution will be in China, the volume-build version of this dramatically styled, space-efficient, one-box hybrid could possibly make it to America where it would be a natural rival for the Toyota Prius V.

Save for indicating that its "S" designation stands for "Stylish," "Smart" and "Surprise," Honda offered little else in the way of specifics on this vehicle. While that dearth of data extended to the output and configuration of the hybrid system fitted to the Concept S, execs did note that it "realizes both the 'fun of driving' and excellent environmental performance at the same time."

Joining the Concept S in Beijing was the Honda Concept C. Developed specifically for the Chinese market, this production-intent mid-size sedan features styling that was allegedly inspired by the image of a dragon.