Mercedes-Benz chose the 2010 Beijing Auto Show to reveal its facelifted 2011 Maybach in both the 57/57S and long-wheelbase 62/62S interations. While all of the uber excellence in each carries over, the revamped versions of Mercedes-Benz's most opulent corporate offerings do enjoy a number of detail enhancements in addition to their slightly more distinctive appearance.

Visually, the most obvious change to all members of the 2011 Maybach contingent is seen up front, starting with their bigger, more upright and more forward-positioned grilles. While the enlarged opening in the Maybach 57 and 62 is now filled with a new 20-bar insert bisected by a central chrome divider, the now-even more powerful Maybach 57S and 62S versions have a version with six wider, bolder verticals on either side of the splitter. A raised hood with more sharply defined contours, revamped bumper accents and new, chrome-trimmed LED driving lights in the outer air intakes add even more character to its face. Restyled side mirrors bring an extra measure of areo refinement while the rear quarters boast revamped taillamps and even more chrome. Completing the look are new 21-spoke/19-inch titanium silver alloy wheels on the 57/62 and 12-spoke/20-inch rims in a sterling silver finish on the 57S/62S. All 2011 Maybachs will be available in a new and exclusive Bahamas Blue paint.

The Inside Story

Inside, the 2011 Maybach offers its well-heeled buyers three new leather/carpet/headliner choices in addition to its existing mega-roster of premium standards and endless personalization possibilities. While details on the American-spec Maybachs are still being finalized, European and Asian buyers will markets will definitely see detail enhancements to the luxurious leather seat coverings, a wireless router system, rear-seat Bluetooth phone, and an improved rear-seat DVD player. The expanded option list on the 62/62S now features a single 19-inch hi-res monitor mounted in the center partition in place of the twin 9.5-inch units currently offered as well as a forward-looking overview camera that gives rear-seaters a panoramic view of the road ahead. One thing Mercedes has confirmed: the power reclining rear seats formerly available only in the long-wheelbase models will now be available in all 57 Series cars -- except those heading to the U.S.

Underhood, the 5.5-liter twin-turbo V12 in the 2011 Maybach 57/62 models carries over at its existing 543 horsepower but will offer incrementally better fuel economy and reduced CO2. The 6.0-liter V12 in the 57S and 62S variants sees its pony count upped from 604 to 621 for 2011; and it too, will offer modestly better mpg and emissions numbers.

Pricing and final feature specifications for the U.S.-spec 2011 Maybach lineup will be announced closer to when the cars go on sale here in October.

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