Embedded vehicle telematics are experiencing a modern-day renaissance. During the first half of 2016, more SIM cards were activated in cars than in cell phones. From economy cars to flagships, the availability of vehicle-based LTE modems continues to proliferate at an astounding rate. Cubic Telecom’s proprietary Multi-IMSI single-SIM technology expands the scope and scalability of these mobile hotspots.

Data Where You Want it, When You Want It

Cell phone contracts are about as appealing as a canker sore. With that in mind, Cubic’s cloud-based SIM services instead deliver pay-as-you-go connectivity. This concept of data on demand ensures you pay only for the data you use, thus eliminating the burden of monthly dues, overage fees, and data limits. 

Another benefit of Cubic’s on-and off-board technology is the transmission of real-time data. Whereas the lion’s share of existing networks can take minutes to refresh content like traffic conditions and fuel prices, Cubic’s servers can transmit and receive pertinent driving information almost instantaneously, along with the added benefit of being able to wirelessly broadcast detailed vehicle diagnostics to the dealer of your choice (an industry first). 

Despite the comparatively small number of wireless service providers in the U.S., Cubic’s principal technology is still deserving of high praise. The single Multi-IMSI SIM works across the hundreds of networks that comprise the European telecom industry, providing drivers with a connected car wherever they are.

Cubic Telecom technology is slated to debut in select North American Audi models starting the second quarter of 2017, about which you can find more information at www.cubictelecom.com.


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