Chevrolet launches Ecologic environmental info program

By Editors on January 27, 2012 1:24 PM

Speaking at this week's Washington D.C. Auto Show, GM's North America President, Mark Reuss, unveiled a new Ecologic labeling program aimed at letting buyers know exactly how environmentally responsible Chevrolet vehicles are with respect to their manufacturing, operation and ultimate recycling processes. The first model to arrive with one of these new Ecologic labels displayed in its driver-side rear window will be the 2012 Chevy Sonic which goes on sale in March. All subsequent 2013 Chevrolet vehicles also will carry one of these industry-first stickers.

"Customers want companies to be honest and transparent about their environmental efforts and sustainability goals, and rightly so," Reuss noted. "Putting an Ecologic label on each Chevrolet is just one more way for us to share our environmental progress."

The information on these Chevy-created Ecologic banners presents specifics outlining all pertinent processes and features that positively impact the entire lifespan of a new Chevrolet vehicle, from environmentally friendly build-up factors to various lean-and-green design elements to the ability to ultimately recycle up to 85 percent of its content by weight. Chevrolet indicated that all claims will be audited by Two Tomorrows, an independent third-party sustainability agency that specializes in provides auditing and assurance services to companies for their various environmental initiatives. It also plans to make additional information on the audit process and the specific environmental features for each vehicle with an Ecologic label available at