The latest annual automotive reliability survey by Consumer Reports has found that Asian carmakers, particularly Honda -- including Acura -- and Toyota -- including Lexus and number-one-ranked Scion -- continue to be the top-rated marques in this critical area of real-world performance. Data represented in the "Consumer Reports 2010 Annual Auto Survey" was collected last spring and covers 1.3 million 2001-2010 model-year vehicles owned or leased by the magazine's subscribers.

While both Japanese and Korean automakers scored impressively well overall, the Consumer Reports survey found that save for Porsche, which held down second place on the overall list and Volvo, which ranked eighth, European manufacturers had a considerably rougher time. Mercedes-Benz (22), BMW (23), Mini (25) and Audi (26), all saw their relative placements decline from the 2009 survey due to various mechanical issues.

When it came to U.S. brands, the survey data show a mixed but promising bag of results. Ford (10) and Lincoln (15) led the comparative stats, moving upward by two and one ranking spots, respectively. General Motors also saw its scores rise for the most part, with Chevrolet (17), Buick (18) Cadillac (19) and GMC (21) separated only by Jeep (20). While Dodge claimed the 24th spot, the flagship Chrysler division trailed the field in 27th.

On an individual vehicle basis, the Porsche Boxster received CR's highest predicted reliability score while the Audi A6 3.0T and Jaguar XF got the worst ratings.

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