Our annual list of Best Family Cars includes a range of 4-door vehicles at a variety of price points, some of which are dad-friendlier than others. From this year’s list of 16 family favorites we’ve identified five standouts for dad, a list of cars and SUVs (even a minivan) that are bigger, sportier and/or more rugged than the others. Here we’ve listed them in alphabetical order; feel free to pick your own favorite.

You’re the captain of a family with a boat. Or dirt bikes. Or a travel trailer. You don’t want V8 power; you need it. While today’s full-size trucks are family-friendlier than ever, the Chevy Tahoe combines serious pulling power with seating for up to 9. And let’s face it, the fact that it’s also the biggest, toughest entry on this list doesn’t hurt. Read More

2016 Honda Civic

You’re a young dad who needs a new car. You gotta have four doors and you shouldn’t spend a lot of money, but you sure would like to have something stylish, fun to drive and filled with tech. Good luck beating the Honda Civic. The redesigned Civic practically reinvented the compact car category overnight on its way to earning this year’s Overall Best Buy honors. Read More

2016 Kia Optima

You’re a sensible dad looking for the well-rounded appeal of a traditional midsize family sedan, but you’re not dead inside. Beneath the Optima’s bold exterior lies a sedan so roomy, comfortable, tech-savvy, efficient and responsive -- all backed by solid resale value -- that we named it this year’s Kelley Blue Book Midsize Sedan Best Buy. Read More

2016 Subaru Outback

You’re a dad in the Northeast. Or the Northwest. Or maybe you’re a skiing dad. While the go-anywhere, bring-anything Subaru Outback is an obvious answer for dads that deal with real weather, its mix of car-like comfort, SUV-like versatility and generally rugged persona make it an appealing choice for dads across the country. Read More

2016 Toyota Sienna SE

You’re not looking to reward yourself or impress your neighbors, you’re a family-first dad looking for the very best way to move your clan and its gear from here to there to there to there. You’re a minivan dad and you’re proud of it. The Toyota Sienna SE is as practical as minivans get, but its sporty design and sport-tuned suspension make it the dad-van to beat. Read More


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