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This Week in Car Buying: Hot market takes a breather; Gas prices up slightly, consumption drops; California eyes new rules for used cars

Even though car sales are off to a hot start in 2015, Kelley Blue Book estimates that the March numbers have cooled a bit and rather than cracking 17 million this year, it looks like sales at this rate would come in at about 16.9 million. The decline of just 0.3 percent year over year in sales is seen as a minor blip that may be more weather-related than anything else. "Similar to last year, winter weather had a negative impact on new-car... Read More

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10 Bites of Red-Car Candy for Valentine's Day #3

Maserati GranTurismo Sport Cabriolet Italy does red like no other country on the planet. Maserati's killer-crimson convertible, the GranTurismo Sport...

10 Bites of Red-Car Candy for Valentine's Day #4

Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 One of the sweetest V8 valentines coming in 2012 is the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. This 580-horsepower supercharged performer is out for...

10 Bites of Red-Car Candy for Valentine's Day #5

Audi R8 Spyder Webster's defines heaven as a take-no-prisoners 525-horsepower V10 engine surrounded by an open-air cockpit that's bathed in exquisite...

10 Bites of Red-Car Candy for Valentine's Day #6

Fiat 500 Cabrio Picture glistening swaths of carbon-fiber skin stretched tight across a sinewy framework of pure Italian muscle... no, wait... this is a...

10 Bites of Red-Car Candy for Valentine's Day #7

Porsche 911 With hearts like fire and a body like mortal sin, the 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera and Carrera S capture the imagination and give a good name to...

10 Bites of Red-Car Candy for Valentine's Day #8

Lexus LF-LC Concept Stealing the attention away from the domestic carmakers at the Detroit Auto Show is a pretty brazen move, but the Lexus LF-LC showed...

10 Bites of Red-Car Candy for Valentine's Day #9

Ford Mustang GT Sometimes an unmistakable shape strikes our fancy and never lets up. Born in the Sixties and evolved through its generations, the Ford...

Top 6 Super Bowl Car Ads of 2012

As we already pointed out in our look at the new cars behind this year's Super Bowl commercials, this wasn't a banner year for automotive ads on...

2013 Toyota Land Cruiser - 2012 Chicago Auto Show

2013 Toyota Land Cruiser Making its U.S. debut in Chicago, the 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser complements a subtle cosmetic restyling with a host of...

You saw the Super Bowl ads, now meet the cars

The outcome was in question until the very last second, but this year's Super Bowl was the most anti-climactic we can remember as far as the car...


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