Weissach is the name of Porsche’s test track, so when the company appends that name to a particular model or option package you know its purpose is to make a fast car even faster. Displayed at the New York show, the Weissach package for the 911 GT3 RS—a first for this model—pares weight from a car that’s already the lightest of the current GT3s and adds substantial mass to the bottom line on the Monroney.

A key component in the RS’s expensive diet is a set of magnesium wheels. They’re not part of the Weissach package, but they can only be ordered for a Weissach-equipped GT3 RS. The rims trim a total of 25 pounds from the car’s curb weight, and cost $13,000.

Elements of the actual Weissach package include carbon fiber antiroll bars, a carbon fiber roof panel (replacing the magnesium panel), carbon fiber shift paddles, and carbon fiber steering wheel trim. The net package weight reduction: about 13 pounds. And it adds up to a very expensive diet—$18,000.

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Other elements of the package are cosmetic—Weissach badges on the headrests and dashboard, and exposed carbon fiber on the hood, roof panel, and rear wing. Those components are painted on the regular GT3 RS. Weissach packages have been offered for other Porsches, but this is the first for the GT3.

The combination of the package and the mag wheels takes about 38 pounds off the car, bringing curb weight down to 3,153 pounds, according to Porsche. And it raises the all-in price well above the $200,000 frontier—$219,550, to be precise.

Exploiting a 38-pound weight advantage at a track day time trial takes an exceptionally skilled driver. But this first-ever GT3 RS Weissach includes an exclusivity factor that’s sure to resonate among discerning Porschephiles. That alone may justify the price of admission.

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