Before it launches next-gen 2018 Nissan Leaf on September 6, Nissan continues to roll out a series of teasers touching on features that will be found in its dedicated EV. The latest to surface is an e-Pedal system that melds accelerator and brake functions into a single input. Nissan claims its take is the most sophisticated to date with respect to allowing true one-pedal vehicle operation.

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Part of the automaker’s Intelligent Mobility master plan, the Leaf’s driver-selectable e-Pedal system functions much like its counterparts in the BMW i3 and Chevrolet Bolt: Press to accelerate, ease up to slow and lift off to brake, the latter two modes also engaging on-board energy regeneration circuitry that helps replenish the battery. Nissan says what sets e-Pedal apart from others setups is that in addition to being able to bring the Leaf to a complete halt on level pavement, it also can stop the car on an incline and hold it in position until the driver literally steps down to put the car back in motion. While claiming e-Pedal operation will be viable in roughly 90 percent of all driving conditions, for those times when more intense deceleration is required, the Leaf also retains a conventional brake pedal.

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