Summertime and the living is easy, so goes the old song. And nothing is easier live in and soak up the sun than a 2015 Ford Mustang GT convertible. Painting a triple yellow tricoat, the Mustang GT is definitely not for shrinking violets and not just for the paint scheme. With 425 horsepower under the hood, a tight, precise 6-speed transmission and a rumbly exhaust, the Mustang can put on quite a show whether it's stopped at a light or dicing through traffic.

The new look of the Mustang GT is suited perfectly for a drop-top conversation. The shark nose design coupled with a fabric top that folds neatly away contribute to the car's sleek shape. Even with the top up, the Mustang retains its classic long nose, short rear deck proportions that are pure American pony car. It's a fresh take on a classic package that undoubtedly will wear well over the years.

The black interior might be a bit off-putting in high heat environments, but the leather buckets are comfortable and supportive with aggressive side bolstering that keeps you planted in the seat no matter how spirited the drive gets. The steering is spot on, with great on center feel and an effort that increases with speed. Despite the mass of a big V-8 engine up front, the Mustang GT feels light on its feet, and transitions in and out of turns with a lack of body roll and drama.

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Docile at low speeds

As much fun as the Mustang is to blast away from a stop light, it can be docile at lower speeds and in stop-and-go freeway traffic, thanks to linear responses from the accelerator, brake and clutch, the latter which has a light, yet positive feel to it. Noise levels are acceptable, thanks to the lined top and while the car lacks the rigidity of the fixed head version, cowl shake is minimal. It is a solid platform and feels that way top up or down. Speaking of the top, it's also a snap to raise or lower. Release the center latch and hit the button and in less than 6 seconds its stowed with a semi hard front panel that eliminates the need for a tonneau cover. 

Price of admission is a bit steep for the GT Premium, which starts at $41,800, but that includes features like a leather interior, backup camera, dual zone automatic climate control and HID lighting. That triple yellow costs $495 more and adding the Shaker Pro Audio system with 12 speakers at $1,795, the 50 years anniversary package with its 19-inch alloy wheels and assorted commemorative plaques and styling touches for $1,595 and the price quickly climbs to $48,595 plus destination. Still, for under 50 large, the 2015 Ford Mustang GT convertible delivers looks, performance and pretty good bang for the buck with the added bonus of being able to catch some rays.

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