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Buick's Terraza minivan shares its platform with similar GM siblings at Saturn, Pontiac and Chevrolet. While the Terraza is arguably the most luxurious of the group, it can't match the Honda Odyssey or Chrysler Town and Country for interior room, nor does it offer the option of all-wheel drive like the Toyota Sienna. Where many minivans in this segment offer side-curtain airbags for all three rows, the Terraza does not. Despite these shortcomings, the Terraza has much to offer, such as the Sit-N-Lift Mobility Prep package and a powerful V6 engine that can run on either gasoline or E85.

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2007 Buick Terraza
What's new for 2007?
2007 Buick Terraza

The 2007 Terraza losses its all-wheel-drive option but gains the 3.9-liter V6 as standard equipment for all trim levels. Later in the model year, a Flex Fuel E85 version will be made available.