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Tesla Cybertruck Price, Range, Towing

  • Telsa’s Cybertruck is a radical reimagining of a traditional pickup truck
  • Stainless steel body and wedge profile make it look like a movie prop
  • Up to 500 miles of electric range
  • 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds with fastest model
  • Available for preorder now, said to start arriving in late 2021
  • Base price is $39,900

The reality of Tesla’s all-electric pickup truck is more bizarre than we could have imagined. Rolling onto a stage at Tesla’s design headquarters in Hawthorne, California, many in the audience thought the truck was a joke. It’s no joke. The Cybertruck’s stainless-steel, A-frame body is so distractingly odd that it’s easy to overlook the truck’s more substantive details. Planned for production starting in 2021, the Tesla Cybertruck promises up to 500 miles of electric range, a maximum tow rating of 14,000 pounds, and a base price under $40,000. If Elon and crew can deliver what they’ve promised, the Cybertruck could be a hit.

How much will the Tesla Cybertruck cost?

The base price for a single-motor, rear-wheel-drive Tesla Cybertruck is $39,900, not including destination charges. The Dual Motor all-wheel drive version starts at $49,900 and the top of the line Tri Motor all-wheel-drive Cybertruck costs $69,900. Unlike many other electric cars, Tesla’s are no longer eligible for federal tax incentives.

When does the Tesla Cybertruck go on sale?

Deliveries are slated to begin in late 2021, though the Tri Motor all-wheel drive version won’t arrive until late 2022. The Tesla Cybertruck is available for pre-order right now on Tesla’s website for a $100 refundable deposit.

How much can the Tesla Cybertruck tow?

The tow rating for the Tesla Cybertruck tops out at 14,000 pounds in the Tri Motor all-wheel drive variant. The Single Motor and Dual Motor versions tow 7,500 and 10,000 pounds, respectively.

How about payload capacity ?

Payload capacity for all Cybertruck models is 3,500 pounds.

Tesla Cybertruck Rear and Bed,

What is the Tesla Cybertruck’s electric range?

Electric range in the priciest Tri Motor Cybertruck is a claimed 500 miles. Choose the Dual Motor model and range drops to 300 miles, while the basic Single Motor Cybertruck can cover a claimed 250 miles.

Exotic-car acceleration

The fastest Tri Motor Cybertruck can sprint from 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds with a top speed of 130 miles per hour according to Tesla. 0-60 mph runs in the Dual Motor Cybertruck take 4.5 seconds, while the base Single Motor truck manages a still zippy 6.5-second dash.

Bulletproof stainless steel body

The Tesla Cybertruck’s body is made of cold rolled stainless steel, just like a refrigerator or the DeLorean featured in the Back to the Future movies. During the Cybertruck’s launch event we noted that the steel body work required frequent cleaning to remove fingerprints. We also watched Tesla’s head of design, Franz Von Holzhausen, swing a sledgehammer into the driver’s door panel, leaving no visible damage.

Though we haven’t verified the claim, Tesla presented images at the Cybertruck unveil of a stainless steel body panel that had been shot by a 9mm bullet at a distance of 10 meters. Aside from black smudges at the impact site the Cybertruck’s hardened stainless steel body work appeared undamaged.

By contrast, the Cybertruck’s “Transparent Metal” glass fared much worse. To demonstrate its strength, Tesla’s head of design, Franz Von Holzhausen, threw a heavy metal ball at the driver’s window, promptly shattering it. Assuming the failure was a fluke, Tesla’s president Elon Musk suggest Franz try the rear window. It promptly shattered too. So while parts of the Cybertruck may very well be bulletproof, the glass is not.

How many people does the Tesla Cybertruck seat?

The Tesla Cybertruck seats 6. The rear quarters feature a 3-seat rear bench while the front area includes a folding middle seat that functions as a center console when lowered.

Tesla Cybertruck Interior and Seating,

How big is the Tesla Cybertruck’s bed?

Tesla calls the Cybertruck’s bed a “vault”. The bed’s length is 6.5 feet. Between the bed, the front trunk, and storage areas integrated into the bed’s upper panels, the Cybertruck offers 100 cubic feet of lockable storage space.

How do you charge a Tesla Cybertruck?

The Cybertruck can make use of Tesla’s vast Supercharger network, which now includes more than 14,000(!) chargers. Using the latest V3 version of Telsa’s chargers the Cybertruck is able to charge quite rapidly at a rate of 250 kilowatts.

What is the Tesla Cybertruck’s competition?

By the time the Tesla Cybertruck arrives for purchase the electric pickup market should be filled with many options including entries from Ford, General Motors, Bollinger, Rivian, and others.

Feature highlights

Adaptive Air Suspension  Not only can the Cybertruck raise and lower its height as needed, it can also lower its rear enabling easy loading of motorcyles and ATVs via an integrated ramp.

Autopilot  For $7,000 buyers can choose the Self Driving option that adds self-driving features like automatic parking, trailer docking, and Tesla’s Full Self Driving abilities. Though we’ll add that no vehicle currently in production is capable of truly autonomous driving.

17-inch Touchscreen  Like the rest of Tesla’s lineup, the interior of the Cybertruck is dominated by a massive, centrally mounted touchscreen through which most vehicle operations are conducted.

Digital Rearview Mirror  When lowered, the Cybertruck’s rolling cargo cover blocks the driver’s view rearward. As a result, Tesla installed a digital rear view mirror that displays the view from a rear facing camera at the back of the vehicle.

Yoke Steering Wheel  The steering wheel is not round but instead constructed like the yoke of an airplane with a left and right grip…for some reason.

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