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2015 Audi R8 V10 Plus Coupe S Quick Take: The everyday super car

Many super cars are only fun to take out for a quick jaunt up your favorite road before going back in the garage until some free time comes along again.  The 2015 Audi R8, on the other hand, is good for both cruising and running errands. Why you would run errands in a car with a base price of $182,500 is beyond comprehension for most people but then again, most can't afford a car with this price tag. For those who can, the Audi R8 offers... Read More

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smart Brabus fortwo ED and eBike - 2012 Geneva Auto Show

While better known for adding serious power and performance to various Mercedes-Benz vehicles, German super tuner Brabus also has been involved in a 10...

Ssangyong XIV-2 Concept - 2012 Geneva Auto Show

An open-air variation on the XIV-1 show SUV it presented last year in Frankfurt, the Ssangyong XIV-2 Concept arrived in Geneva as a stage setter for a...

2013 Mitsubishi Outlander - 2012 Geneva Auto Show

Ready to mount an even more significant challenge to the mid-size crossover set, the 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander showed its new and more sophisticated...

2013 Audi A3 - 2012 Geneva Auto Show

Making its world debut in Geneva, the all-new 2013 Audi A3 provided a look at the kind of style and technology that will be heading to America when this...

2013 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe - 2012 Geneva Auto Show

Making its formal debut in Geneva, the 2013 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe looked every bit as elegant in the metal as it did in photos released late last year...

Lotus Exige S Roadster - 2012 Geneva Auto Show

A sweet looking al fresco exercise to be sure, the 2013 Lotus Exige S Roadster had its grand unveiling in Geneva. Essentially an Exige S Coupe with a...

Pininfarina Cambiano Concept - 2012 Geneva Auto Show

  Combining the best of coupe and sedan bodywork with decided supercar overtones, the Pininfarina Cambiano Concept turned heads in Geneva. Named...

Toyota FT-Bh Concept - 2012 Geneva Auto Show

An exercise in ultimate efficiency, the Toyota FT-Bh Concept takes the automaker's Hybrid Synergy Drive system to a new plateau. Charged with creating a...

Nissan Hi-Cross Concept - 2012 Geneva Auto Show

Offering a hint of what we're likely to see in the way of exterior/interior styling cues for its next generation of sport utility/crossover models, the...

Infiniti Emerg-E Concept - 2012 Geneva Auto Show

One of many high-profile reveals in Geneva, the Infiniti Emerg-E Concept takes the luxury division to a new level in the sustainable performance arena....


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