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Used Tesla Model S

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2014 Tesla Model S What's new for 2014? 
2014 Tesla Model S

Tesla model year changes do not coincide with updates and improvements. Rather, Tesla simply adds features and options as they become technically feasible. Hence the center console data screen shows fields for blind-spot warning, lane-departure warning and all-wheel drive, all desirable, but with none not yet offered on the 2014 car.

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2013 Tesla Model S What's new for 2013? 
2013 Tesla Model S

For 2013, the Model S now has the ability to receive over the air software updates, providing buyers with new features and services as they become available.

About Tesla Model S

To most consumers, the electric car is a novelty. A compact, limited-range vehicle like the Nissan Leaf whose owners can also afford to have a second, gasoline-powered car in the garage. Tesla understands public fears about long charging times and of being stranded miles from an electric socket, so they designed the Model S to be a different kind of electric car. The new platform allows for maximized efficiency, five passengers, lots of cargo, high performance, and an extended driving range. While charging time is still an issue, different battery pack options that allow for rapid charging coupled with the company's aggressive move to begin installing a network of Superchargers should go a long way to improving confidence in the 2014 Model S.