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The most horrible day in a driving enthusiast's life is when he or she realizes it's time to trade-in the beloved coupe for a traditional family sedan. Few companies understand this angst better than Mazda, which is why it created a fun-to-drive four-door family sedan with racy good looks and a budget-friendly price tag. The 2008 Mazda MAZDA6 is in the same market category as the Hyundai Sonata and Toyota Camry, but offers a much more flavorful driving experience, not to mention a wide and varied lineup that includes a four-door sedan and five-door hatchback. Although not as roomy inside or as large outside as the Camry, the MAZDA6 is a more satisfying daily driver, with more than enough room to accommodate a family of four.

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2008 Mazda MAZDA6
What's new for 2008?
2008 Mazda MAZDA6

For 2008, a tire-pressure monitoring system is made standard, while Touring trims receive a Bose audio system and the i Sport models receive new 17-inch alloy wheels. Sadly, the wagon model has been dropped from the line up.

2007 Mazda MAZDA6
What's new for 2007?
2007 Mazda MAZDA6

For 2007, all Mazda6 cars receive anti-lock brakes (ABS), traction control and side-curtain airbags as standard equipment. A new trim level, the Sport VE, is offered on both the four-cylinder i and six-cylinder s models.