Mitsubishi Motors will unveil the futuristic Mitsubishi e-EVOLUTION CONCEPT during the 45th Tokyo Motor Show. The electric concept--a coupe-like SUV called a new flagship--hints toward its future product direction. Mitsubishi says the e-EVOLUTION builds on the company’s expertise in SUVs, EVs and all-wheel drive.

Renderings of the concept show a mean, dramatic face with a blackened area for the grille. The shape is somewhat triangular from the side, with a long windshield. It also boasts striking separated headlights and Y-shaped taillights.

The high-performance electric crossover SUV will include artificial intelligence to augment driver and car performance, Mitsubishi said. The brains include a number of sensors the artificial intelligence system uses to immediately read road and traffic condition changes, plus intentions of the driver, the company says.

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Coached IA

Mitsubishi says the AI system also has a coaching function, allowing it to pass on knowledge to a driver and “unobtrusively enhance the driving expertise.” Based on driver skill, the system creates a training program with advice for a driver that comes through voice and visually on the dashboard.

“Seamlessly coordinating driver intent with vehicle performance, the system supports drivers of all abilities,” Mitsubishi says. “By making it easier and safer to control the vehicle, the motoring experience is brought to a new level.” The electric SUV concept also features high torque and high-performance electric motors that come from a “high-capacity battery system.” No details on the size of the battery have been given.

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The e-EVOLUTION also has four-wheel drive system powered by one motor for the front axle and a Dual Motor Active Yaw Control system that works with two rear motors.

Mitsubishi will display a total of 12 vehicles at the Tokyo show. Other highlights including a new Eclipse Cross coupe SUV for the Japan market and a plug-in hybrid electric version (PHEV) of the Outlander crossover.

Personal assistant

The company plans to demonstrate its AI Personal Assistant which provides information to drivers and aids communications between a driver and others. Mitsubishi says AI Personal Assistant understands what a driver and passengers say and converses with them. The carmaker said it can identify passengers, learning from what they say and do, and provide them services to match their tastes. It also allows a driver to use functions like climate control, wipers and headlights by voice. The system also connects other devices such as a drone that may be checking traffic on the route.

Mitsubishi Connect will demo Amazon Echo with Alexa and Google Assistant on Google Home smart speakers. The demonstration will show how the assistants can connect to a car and carry out tasks such as turning on headlights, unlocking or locking the doors, or even adjusting the car’s cabin temperature.

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