As promised, Hyundai announced a new performance-focused sub-brand "N" in Frankfurt. In doing so, the automaker rolled out several hard-core competition vehicles, with the most intense being the Hyundai N2025 Vision Gran Turismo. While this virtual racer is slated to show up only on grids for Gran Turismo events on Sony PlayStation's racing game, its design displays a good deal of input from the automaker's global R&D operation in Namyang, Korea.  

Hyundai says the N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo prototype is equipped with an in-wheel electric motor at each corner which are energized by a hydrogen fuel cell system working with a supercapacitor. The Hyundai-designed dual-stack cell array makes 670 horsepower while the supercapacitor, which gets replenished under braking, adds another 201 ponies to the mix. With a carbon-fiber reinforced plastic monocoque structure trimming weight to 2,142 pounds, the car should be blisteringly quick. 

Aeronautic design influences 

Exterior styling of the N 2025 was inspired by jet aircraft and here, too, the N 2025 boasts it own bag of aero tricks starting with its large hexagon grille that flows air across its boat-shaped underbody. This is abetted by a unique tubular channel that routes air rearward to increases downforce. The N 2025 also features articulated air brakes to assist the conventional stoppers. 

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The man tasked with kick starting Hyundai's new generation of dedicated enthusiast-grade sub-brand N models is Albert Biermann, Head of the firm's Performance Development & High Performance Vehicle Division. Biermann, who previously served as VP of Engineering at BMW's M Division, said the challenge involves changing expectations about the Hyundai Motor brand in general. To that end, he vowed the N division "performance-oriented and race track-capable cars" will make extensive use of powertrain elements and lightweight materials derived from the automaker's i20 World Rally Championship racers that are set to begin WRC series in January at the Monte Carlo Rally. While the first Hyundai "N" car is likely to be spun from the Euro-spec i20 - a super-mini one size below our Accent model, there's still no word on when or if we'll see the N sub-brand make its debut here in America. 

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