When you’re on a road trip with your family, there are plenty of ways to have fun spending time together without having to rely on an electronic device with a screen. Here are five favorite road-trip games the Kelley Blue Book editorial team has enjoyed while on the road. These can keep the kids entertained while staying connected to their surroundings.


1. The Alphabet Game

Going around the car, each person would have to come up with a sentence like these below for their respective letters:

“A” my name is Andy, my wife’s named Arlene, we live in Arcadia and we love to eat Apple Pie.

“B” my name is Bill, my wife’s named Bertha, we live in Barstow and we love to eat Barbecue beans.

“C” my name is Catherine, my husband’s named Chet, we live in Chatsworth and we love to eat Carrots.

When you can’t come up with something, you’re out. This game gets extra challenging with Q and Z and some others.

2. The License Plate Game—With a Twist

A variation on the license plate game: When you see an out-of-state plate, the first person in the car to call out the last number on the plate (i.e. "Got it 6!") wins that many points. Whoever has the most points (at the end of the driving leg) wins.

3. Road Trip Bingo

Before you go on your next trip, Google “Road Trip Bingo.” You’ll find printable bingo cards filled with rows and columns with things like “Camper” and “Horse” and “Historic Highway Sign.” Once someone sees an item, they call it out and mark it off on their board. (Note: You may want to set the rules ahead of time so there’s no bickering between siblings.)

4. Fill Your Dream Garage

Fill your dream two-car garage by “collecting” the most desirable vehicles that are spotted on the road. Starting with a five-minute time limit, everyone peers outside at the other vehicles and waits for the best car or truck to come into view. The first person to spot, and call out make/model, “owns” the vehicle. You only get two vehicles, and you can’t get rid of a vehicle once it’s "in" your garage. The challenge is trying to decide if something better is going to come along before the clock runs out. The winner has the “best” garage -- it could be coolest SUVs, fastest cars, most expensive cars, etc. -- as judged by everyone in the car.

5. The Odometer is Right

Pick out some sort of intermediate landmark on your trip and have the kids guess what the odometer will read when you pass that point on your trip.

You can play two ways: closest over or under wins, or closest under without going over wins. Remember to take turns on who guesses first!

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