At the Vienna Motor Symposium, Volkswagen presented its latest and most technically advanced gasoline engine. Set to launch in Europe late this year but expected to see service here in the future, this overhaul of the existing EA 211 TSI engine features major upgrades that result in a projected 10 percent increase in fuel economy compared to the current engine and well as a broader torque curve that reaches its maximum output at just 1,300 rpm and stays virtually flat until 4,500 revs. A good deal of that added off-the-line snap comes from the use of a variable-turbine-geometry turbocharger, the first fitted on a high-volume/spark-ignition engine.

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Dubbed the EA211 TSI evo, VW’s new 1.5-liter engine combines its sophisticated VTG turbo unit with a 12.5:1 compression ratio and Miller Cycle combustion technology that collectively yield an improvement in thermodynamic efficiency. In addition to boasting greatly reduced internal friction and a cooling module that provides better thermal management of its oil and water, the engine also benefits from a new high-pressure common-rail direct fuel injection, an enhanced intercooler and cylinder deactivation of two cylinders under light loads.

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The 1.5-liter EA211 TSI engines VW displayed in Vienna were rated at 129 and 148 horsepower – compared to the 123-horse figure of the existing 1.4-liter. However, the performance-popping technology introduce obviously has the potential to find its way into various other VW and Audi engines in the coming years.

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