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TRW touts improved head-protection system for convertibles

By on August 18, 2010 3:57 PM
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One of the leading suppliers of active and passive safety systems, TRW Automotive Holdings Corporation, has just unveiled its latest innovation in the realm of passenger protection: the second-generation of its Head Protection System for Convertibles II. The HPSC II package builds on TRW's original setup and works in concert with the torso-protection system. However, eliminates the need for an integrated headrest, which in turn makes HPSC II even more compatible with a larger number of seat configurations and even more affordable.

Dirk Schultz, global engineering director, Inflatable Restraint Systems, commented: "HPSC II is compact and comprises light weight component parts resulting in a lower mass module overall. Like the first generation HPSC, the second generation HPSC also takes into account different load cases and passenger sizes. This adaptability improves the airbags' position in relation to the occupant in the event of a side crash situation." TRW says the first use of its new and improved HPSC II setup will be in 2013.

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