Top 10 Turn-on Cars for Valentines Day

By Editors on February 8, 2011 10:27 AM

We have to admit that in the rather staid world of Kelley Blue Book, the term “turn-on” prompted a second-thought or two and maybe even a slight blush. But upon consulting we discovered that the official definition of the hyphenated phrase is “something causing excitement or stimulating interest.” That’s a vehicular attribute that we’re comfortable speaking about even in the context of Valentine’s Day, because we are pretty good at identifying cars that cause excitement and/or stimulate interest. We’re lucky enough to drive cars that do this almost every week.  Just what kind of excitement and stimulation they prompt is for you to judge, but we can guarantee that the 10 vehicles we delineate for you here are sure to make your pulse race and your heart skip a beat, just like Cupid and his arrows. So, to paraphrase Dr. Timothy Leary, turn on, tune in and drop into gear. You’re in for a stimulating ride.

2011 Audi R8
When it comes to generating pure passion few cars top the 2011 Audi R8. With a futuristic shape that is as artistic as it is sporting, the R8’s body is specifically sculpted to make the heart beat faster. Yet, it’s only when you slide inside, start the engine and set Audi’s supercar in motion that you realize what this wonder-car is really capable of. In motion, words like fast, visceral and thrilling somehow commingle with words like comfortable, refined and approachable. Simply amazing. While it doesn’t always hold true with people, if you spend a little time with the R8, passion will undoubtedly lead to love.  

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