Top 10 Road Trip Cars: Young Family

By Editors on May 18, 2011 1:41 PM

2011 Honda CR-V
When starting a new family, some tough decisions need to be made: Do we make the "man cave" the new baby room? Do we trade the IROC-Z for something more practical? Should we get rid of the cat? The Honda CR-V can't help with all the hard calls, but it deftly answers the transportation needs of any 2+1 family. Its high riding stance makes it easier to buckle in the baby, its fuel-efficient, 2.4-liter engine means fewer stops at the gas station and the available satellite-linked navigation can ensure smoothly guided trips to the nearest Disney property. And while it might not save the man cave -- or your precious kitty -- it will at least provide peace of mind for the budding new family.

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