Netherlands-based navigation-system maker TomTom International issued its 4th annual Top 10 list of cities with the worst traffic congestion listing the global winner/loser as Moscow, Russia, with a 74% index number. That figure indicates the comparative increase in commuting time between peak and non-peak hours. 

The remaining offenders on TomTom's worldwide Traffic Index includes Istanbul, Turkey (62%); Rio de Janiero, Brazil (55%), Mexico City, Mexico (54%); Sao Paulo, Brazil (46%); Palermo, Italy (39%), Warsaw, Poland (39%); Rome, Italy (37%); Los Angeles, California (36%) and Dublin, Ireland (35%).

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California leads in worst U.S. traffic

Here in America, California accounted for three of the top five spots in the national rankings. Perennial number one Los Angeles was again followed by San Francisco (32%) while San Jose (26%) ended up in fifth place behind Honolulu, Hawaii (29%) and Seattle, Washington (27%). Filling out the bottom half of the list were New York City, New York (26%), Miami, Florida (24%); Washington, D.C (24%); Portland, Oregon (22%) and New Orleans, Louisiana (22%). 

The latest TomTom Traffic Index surveys were conducted in 186 cities on six continents with the U.S. study specifically analyzing increased traffic patterns on non-highway secondary roads in 53 metropolitan areas with populations in excess of 800,000. For what it's worth, TomTom found that common traffic shortcuts drivers take to avoid congestion actually ended up increasing travel time by 50% and that Thursday evening commutes generally proved to be the worst time wasters. As for a silver lining, Kansas City, Kansas, and Indianapolis, Indiana, were deemed the least-congested cities of those surveyed.

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