The Return of the Full-Size SUV?

By Editors on April 21, 2009 9:20 AM
It wasn't so long ago that large SUVs were among the most popular vehicles on the road and, to some degree, suburban status symbols. If Norman Rockwell were still idealizing Americana on canvas today, he surely would have painted a Chevy Tahoe right along side a white picket fence by now. But then the price of gas went through the roof -- and stayed there -- and folks began to realize or decide that they might not need all the capacity and capability their big SUVs provided them. Today, relatively few full-size SUVs are making the transition from dealer's lot to tract-home driveway. There are some families, however, for whom nothing works as well as a cavernous, powerful full-size SUV. For these folks, we have good news. Follow the link at left.