SsangYong e-XIV Concept - 2012 Paris Auto Show

By Editors on September 28, 2012 11:36 AM

Third and most ambitious incarnation of the firm's planned B-segment crossover entry, the SsangYong e-XIV - for eXciting user Interface Vehicle - made its debut at the 2012 Paris Auto Show offering a new powertrain tweak as well as a host of cool new creature features. Beyond even more intriguing exterior and interior styling based on the earlier XIV 2 CUV Coupe Concept, the new e-XIV is the first in the series to be fitted with a new range-extending electric drive system.

The e-XIV's EV technology is culled from two of SsangYong's other one-off exercises, the KEV1 and KEV2. It consists of a 107-horsepower motor fed by a 16kWh lithium-ion battery pack. This is matched with a 1.0-liter/2-cylinder gasoline engine and a 27-horse motor/generator can collectively supply electricity after the battery is depleted. The setup allows this cheeky 3-door to travel 50-miles in zero-emission mode, gives it a total range of 186 miles and lets it reach of top speed of 93 mph. While a full battery replenishment takes four hours on a 220-240V line, it can be brought back to life in just 20 minutes on a dedicated quick charger

Complementing its clean-and-green personality, the SsangYong e-XIV features a futuristic cabin rich in carbon fiber and brushed aluminum trim and fitted with four individually adjustable bucket seats. Digital primary instrumentation with dynamic virtual displays is augmented by a pair of prominent center screens that offer supplemental systems information while the latest iteration of the Auto User Interface pioneered in the XIV1 and XIV2 Concepts incorporates even more advanced capabilities to use the vehicle as a "moving communication space." Crowning it all is a full glass roof that incorporates a solar cell array that can generate 80 watts of electric power, sufficient to operate the car's air conditioning, audio system and internal lighting.