Say Hello to Toyota's Newest Zero-Emissions City Slicker

By Editors on October 9, 2009 10:54 AM
Set to show in Tokyo, the FT-EV II is the latest variation to be spun from Toyota's diminutive iQ platform. Boasting an even more distinctive appearance than the original FT-EV that was presented at the Detroit Motor Show last January, this Gen II iteration also gets several functional changes. Visually, the FT-EV II adds a new auxiliary window below the windshield that enhances forward visibility and features see-through LED rear combination lamps while a pair of power-operated sliding doors replaces the former conventionally hinged units to ease access/egress in tighter confines. Inside, the FT-EV II still offers accommodations for four, but boasts an all-new and far more futuristic dash treatment which replaces the conventional steering wheel in its predecessor with a new joystick-style controller that electronically commands the steering, acceleration and braking functions. Toyota has yet to release any specifics on the FT-EV II's electric motor and Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery pack. However, while the top speed remains around 62 mph, the per-charge range has been upped from 50 to 60 miles. Still no confirmation on when the FT-EV II may formally transition into full production status or exactly what features will carry over into any volume-build variant.