Ricardo Opens New Battery R & D Center in Detroit

By KBB.com Editors on January 28, 2009 10:39 AM

Positioning it as the industry's most comprehensive and integrated development facility, Ricardo Inc. has opened a new Battery Systems Development Center as part of its Detroit Technology Campus. In making the launch announcement, Ricardo Inc. President Dean Harlow addressed the far-reaching potential of this new operation to provide timely and cost-effective turnkey solutions to all corners of the industry.

"While there has been a great deal of theoretical discussion and proposals on renewable energy, Ricardo is actually applying the technology by taking it off the whiteboard and into the real world. Last year we launched TVFE as a total vehicle fuel economy solution. Now we open the Battery Systems Development Center which will be among the industry's most complete battery development and system integration facilities, working with a wide range of customers from cell suppliers to the Tier 1s and OEMs on battery systems for hybrid and electric vehicles."

Highlighting this new state-of-the-art center is Ricardo's Virtual Vehicle Development Environment, a tech-rich setting which will allow engineers to subject all types of prototype batteries and battery-pack systems to exhaustive evaluation in specially built chambers that can realistically simulate a full range of operating conditions. Equally critical to the mission of transitioning EVs from the test cell to the street, these completed battery systems can subsequently be moved on for further development in the equally well-equipped adjoining garage facility of the Ricardo Technology Campus.