In addition to unveiling its first new production model, fledgling automaker Qoros is showing a pair of potential future players at Geneva. Both the Qoros 3 Cross Hybrid Concept and Qoros 3 Estate Concept share the same basic modular platform engineering and fundamental styling cues as the Sedan but offer unique variations on body configurations and/or powertrains.

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As its name implies, the Qoros 3 Cross Hybrid Concept is a more SUV-flavored exercise that matches an internal combustion engine with electric power in a sophisticated all-wheel-drive package crafted with partner American Axle. Primary motivation comes from a 1.2-liter/3-cylinder gasoline that sends 130 horsepower to the front wheels while a rear-mounted 67-horse electric motor energized by a 1.9-kWh LG Chem lithium-ion battery sends drive to the aft axle. Like Honda's IMA package, the Qoros system has a secondary Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) motor fitted between the engine and transmission. It's capable of adding a bit more kick to the engine output as well as recharging the battery for the motor. Qoros claims the computer-controlled system should allow its Cross Hybrid Concept to sprint from 0-60 mph in less than 7.0 seconds, travel up to 2.5 miles on pure EV power and reach a speed of 75 mph in zero-emissions mode.

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A bit less adventurous, the Qoros 3 Estate Concept offers an even more production ready vision. Designed to use the same 125-horsepower naturally aspirated and 154-horse turbocharged 4-cylinder engines that will appear in the Qoros 3 Sedan, this slightly more flexible 5-passenger hauler was created to have even stronger appeal to both the active-lifestyle set and young, family buyers.


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