A one-off wonder wagon created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of one of Britain's premier automakers and its 60-year collaboration with one of Italy's most prominent design houses, the Aston Martin Rapide Concept makes its world debut in Geneva. The rakish station wagon - a "shooting brake" in continental parlance - shares all of the standard mechanicals with the current Aston Martin Rapide Sedan, including its 470-horsepower 5.9-iter V12 engine and paddle-shifted 6-speed automatic transmission that sends motive force to the rear wheels.

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Commissioned by an Aston Martin collector but executed with full factory blessing, the Rapide Bertone Concept features custom bodywork that seamlessly integrates signature Aston Martin core design cues into a more practical but still dynamic and visually striking configuration. According to Bertone, the sweeping C-pillar treatment imparts a sense of motion to the mix while affording even better rear headroom and the car's large liftback adorned with an elegant full-width LED taillamp provides easy access to the cargo area.

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Inside, the Rapide Bertone Concept displays a premium mix of supple two-tone premium leather complemented by fine hardwood trim and glazed aluminum accent bits. Like the production Rapide, the Bertone Concept offers individual seating for four. However, here the backs on the two rear seats fold flat and can be hidden by an electrically activated cover that slides into place to create a completely flat load floor.


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