It may not have been one of the blockbuster reveals, but the first appearance of the new 2013 Shelby Focus ST was still an event of some note. Created by the highly respected Shelby American organization to showcase the potential of the new Ford Focus ST and its 252-horsepower/ 2.0-liter EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine, this well-crafted bit of enthusiast-grade excitement adds a full range of distinctive Shelby-spec functional and cosmetic touches to ensure it will play a prominent role in promoting today's burgeoning pocket-rocket resurgence.

"Carroll Shelby ignored critics who said the turbo-4 Omni couldn't be an affordable performance car in the 1980s," noted Gary Patterson, vice president of Operations/Sales. "He proved them wrong with an impressive, lightweight 4-cylinder performer. Ford Motor Company's new Focus ST is the perfect platform for the rebirth of the front-wheel-drive turbo 4-cylinder Shelby. It is a car that Carroll wanted to build before his passing and is a worthy successor to his 'Pocket-Rocket' GLH."

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Starting with an owner-supplied Focus ST, the post-title Shelby American transformation brings a Shelby/Ford Racing suspension package, house-revamped brake upgrades, bigger wheel/tire fitments, a Shelby short-throw shifter for the ST's 6-speed manual transmission, Shelby/Borla cat-back exhaust system and a hood with heat-extractor vents. Visual enhancements come in the form of a Shelby premium interior package and engine package, various hydrocarbon exterior accents bits, Shelby badging - including both a Shelby CSM engine plate and number dash plaque, and Shelby graphics. Cost for the upgrade starts at $14,995, and Shelby American will limit annual production to just 500 units. 

As for what lies ahead, a weight-saving carbon fiber hood and a more comprehensive Shelby Performance Tune are currently on the Focus ST's "coming soon" list but even more unspecified options are reportedly in the pipeline.

The other new offering from Shelby American Incorporated was the 2013 Shelby GT500 Super Snake "Wide Body." This maxi Mustang features wider fenders to house wider wheel/tires - the better to put up to 850 horsepower in top-spec form to the pavement. Like its predecessor, the latest iteration also brings its own batch of Shelby running gear and cosmetic upgrades while remaining 50-state legal and burning premium unleaded gasoline. Another "post-title package" for the 2013 Shelby GT500, the Super Snake upgrade starts at $28,995 of the baseline 662-horsepower model and $39,995 for the 850-horse ultra variant with the wide body option adds another $14,995 to the bottom line.


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