Combining the best of coupe and sedan bodywork with decided supercar overtones, the Pininfarina Cambiano Concept turned heads in Geneva. Named after the Italian town near Turin where the design house is headquartered, the striking diesel-electric hybrid draws its visual inspiration from an earlier Pininfarina dream car, the 1957 Lancia Florida II Concept. Its appearance coincides with the 30th anniversary of Pininifarina's styling center as well as the 10th anniversary of its dedicated engineering operation.

Penned by the firm's creative chief, Fabio Filippini the Cambiano Concept rides on a custom platform and features a sweeping aero look with a long hood, short deck and near-fastback roofline that incorporates a large panoramic glass panel dramatically framed by dark pillars. The Cambiano's asymmetric door configuration consists of single large main portal on the driver's side and a pair of doors - one conventional and one rear-hinged carriage style with no B-pillar -- on the passenger side. The main lighting units - full LED front and rear -- are skillfully integrated into the fascia structures to add even more stylish flair to the clean, contemporary character of the exterior while custom 21-inch alloy wheels mounting Pininfarina-designed Fate Eximia tires and a relatively long wheelbase enhance its presence. 

Inside, the spacious four-place cabin makes extensive use of various recycled/recyclable materials. The seats, dash and upper door panels are rendered in white and grey motif while the lower elements and hardwood floor are made from recovered chestnut oak that previously served as mooring poles used in the canals of Venice. The Cambiano's aircraft-style yoke steering wheel presides over a two-tier full digital instrument display that's complemented by a large multifunction screen in the center of the dash.

Extremely potent but super-clean go power for the Cambiano Concept comes from an electric motor at each wheel that works in consort with a low-mount lithium-ion battery pack mounted ahead of its rear axle and a range-extending diesel-fired micro-turbine under the car's sleek hood. Each motor cranks out 80 horsepower but can raise that to 201 ponies for brief periods. The 68-horsepower micro-turbine can either help power the car or recharge its battery pack. Pininfarina says that motivational team allows the Cambiano to run from 0-62 mph in 4.2 seconds, travel 127 miles on pure EV power and run up to 497 total miles using its range-extender mode. In addition to being able to hit a sustained top speed of 155 mph - and touch 171 mph for short bursts - the Cambiano emits a mere 45 g/km (70 g/mi) of CO2, making it green enough to meet super-stringent Euro 7 emissions standards.

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