November Is Party Time For Deer: Watch Out

By Editors on November 3, 2008 1:17 PM
There are more whitetail deer in America than when Europeans first arrived. Many people drive where deer live. That's a bad combination, especially in November when deer are looking for love. Drivers hit more deer in November, a peak of the deer mating season in many parts of the country, than in any month, says the Highway Loss Data Institute. There is no cost-effective way to limit deer population or keep the animals off highways, so motorists must learn to spot and avoid deer. Here are some tips. From October through December, bucks are eager and does receptive, so the animals on are on move. Deer travel in herds: When one is on the road, others are often in line just behind or ahead. Most animal-vehicle accidents occur on two-lane roads. Deer are more active around dawn and dusk. Many drivers crash into oncoming traffic or trees while attempting to avoid animals. If you see a deer on the road, the Michigan Deer Crash Coalition says to brake firmly while going in a straight line. Attempting to steer around a deer often ends tragically for both deer and motorists.