Even more dramatic in person than in the preview renderings, the Nissan ESFLOW Concept offers a fresh look at the potential waiting to be realized in a pure electric sports car. Embodying innovative approaches to existing technology, this dramatically styled two-seater uses elements pioneered in the Nissan LEAF to create a package with serious performance potential.

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The ESFLOW's aluminum structure contains an integral roll cage and its lightweight, highly sculpted composite body panels are topped with a wraparound greenhouse that offers a near-360-degree field of view. A pair of electric motors -- each independently powering one of the rear wheels -- can take the ESFLOW from 0-62 mph in less than 5.0 seconds and provide stability-enhancing torque vectoring while twin lithium-ion battery packs culled from the LEAF EV and positioned along the front/rear wheel axles optimize overall balance and allow the Nissan ESFLOW to travel up to 149 miles on a single charge.

The interior of the Nissan ESFLOW reflects an equally forward-thinking approach to design. To help trim weight, the seats are literally sculpted into the rear bulkhead and the steering wheel and pedal set power adjust to fit the driver's preference. Trimmed in silver carbon accents, theESFLOW's twin-binnacle dash is fitted with four multifunction LCD displays. We're still not keen on the ESFLOW's gold leather/suede upholstery set off with dark blue leather/suede accents -- allegedly mimicking the color of sparks. However, we are intrigued by the flip-out charge ports that are concealed until needed in the air ducts beneath its exotically contoured and faired blue LED headlamps.

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