Matching iconic Mini brand identity with ultimate eco-friendliness, the Scooter E Concept provides a two-wheeled take on the kind of urban transportation solution first hinted at in the electric-powered Mini E model. Presented in both single- and dual-passenger configurations, this stylish study in possibility thinking appears to have a real shot at making it to production at some point.

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Although mechanically identical, the two Mini Scooter E Concept variants pictured do differ cosmetically. The dual-seat is rendered in the matte-charocal/yellow motif introduced on the Mini E while the sportier one-up iteration is done in British Racing Green with a seat covered in brown leather that's been purposefully distressed to give it a "used look." Beyond that, the pair shares a number of functional touches that have a signature Mini flavor, highlighted by a large, round center speedometer. Here, it relies on a liquid-filled perimeter tube to indicate velocity and reserves the internal bay for an integrated smartphone port that allows the device to serve as the vehicle's ignition key as well as its controller for all infotainment/communication/navigation functions. Mini even offers a Bluetooth-enabled helmet from the Mini Collection with a microphone and headphones that allows the rider to use the phone and access music while in motion. The design team also created a third Mini E Scooter iteration that pays tribute to Britain's scooter-crazy "Mod" culture of the '60s.

The Mini Scooter E Concept also incorporates the Center Rail element introduced on the Countryman. It runs from the windshield to the foot area and allows easy mounting of various accessory items that may not it in a pair of closed stow spaces behind the scooter's windscreen.

While output and performance figures have yet to be disclosed, Mini confirms that the E Scooter Concept is powered by a single wheel-hub motor in its rear wheel that's energized by a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery pack located inside its rear bodywork. The on-board charger unit and a retractable plug-in cable also are housed in that area, which is accessed via an illuminated door. To facilitate battery top-offs, the E Scooter can be directly connected to any standard electrical outlet.

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