MINI Report 15: Our Fair-weather Friend

By Editors on May 2, 2008 2:10 PM
San Diegans often lay claim to the best climate in the country. The scenery isn't so bad, either, with rolling hills that blend into stunning oceanfront. Not even two hours south of Kelley Blue Book's Irvine offices, San Diego is also within easy reach for a weekend getaway. That's exactly what one KBB editor and his wife did over a recent three-day weekend. As on its many trips to Las Vegas, the turbocharged MINI Cooper S performed admirably during the high-speed freeway portion of the journey to downtown San Diego's vibrant Gaslamp District. Once there, the small and agile MINI felt completely at home racing up and down hilly streets and squeezing into parking spots passed over by other cars. Yet again, the MINI's fuel economy was another bright spot. One particularly observant gas station attendant refused to believe 53 dollars worth of gas could fit into a MINI, but at $4.09 per gallon even smaller tanks are expensive to feed. That one fill-up covered an entire weekend's worth of travel, though, saving money that was promptly redirected to margaritas and tickets to the zoo.