Mini Clubvan Concept - 2012 Geneva Auto Show

By Editors on February 22, 2012 6:39 AM

Mini's latest experiment in possibility thinking takes on a more overtly practical character with the Geneva debut of the Mini Clubvan Concept. Sharing all of its basic platform elements and fun-to-drive personality traits with the existing Mini Clubman, this commercial-oriented one-off could and quite likely will make the transition to a production model that could arrive in certain markets by the end of the year. According to Mini, it would be ideal for any organization with "customers, product range or operating environment that demand a particular style for its vehicles."

Finished in British Racing Green with opaque polycarbonate panels in place of the rear side windows and privacy-enhancing dark-tinted glass in the rear doors, the Mini Clubvan Concept features livery of an actual sign design company based in Great Britain. Inside, this prototype Mini-vanette offers seats for two and an extremely spacious cargo area that has an even lower cargo floor set off by safety partition that combines a solid aluminum lower panel with a silver stainless-steel honeycomb upper grille element.

While a full-length Anthracite headliner and like-colored cloth trim on the side walls and floor of its load compartment help endow the Mini Clubvan Concept with a more premium persona, six recessed anchor loops with elastic hold-downs ensure that all cargo can be securely held in place while in transit. The rear bay also features 12V outlets for added convenience and can be augmented by the fitment of various bespoke bins and shelving units.