Intent on preventing drivers from making what could easily become the ultimate fatal error, Mercedes-Benz has developed a new safety system that warns when a vehicle is in danger of being accidently directed to travel against the direction of traffic. Dubbed Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive, it's capable of recognizing pertinent no-entry/wrong-way road signage and providing both visual and aural notifications to alert the driver of this situation.

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Set for introduction on versions of the all-new S-Class and updated E-Class, Intelligent Drive gathers information via a camera mounted behind the windshield that's then compared to data from the vehicle's navigation system which is subsequently sent along to the car's on-board electronics computer controller. When Intelligent Drive senses the vehicle is about to pass a prohibitory warning sign, it responds with three loud beeps as well as illuminating a red "no-entry" symbol in the central instrument display. Should weather conditions overtax the system's ability to effectively "read" the relevant road signage, it automatically delivers a "temporarily unavailable" notification until it can come back up to operational spec.

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In commenting on the new Intelligent Drive, Professor Thomas Weber, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, responsible for Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development noted: "On our journey towards the vision of accident-free driving, Mercedes-Benz orientates itself on real-life accident situations in order to provide the best possible protection to all road users. The very idea that we will be using the Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive system to reduce the risk of vehicles unintentionally travelling against the flow of traffic once again brings us one big step closer to this goal."


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