Mercedes-Benz launches new mbrace Mobile Application 2.0 for iPhone

By Editors on September 7, 2010 7:59 AM

Less than a year after introducing its original Mobile Application for its mbrace in-car telematics system, Mercedes-Benz has introduced version 2.0 that brings a host of new features and additional remote functionality. Co-developed with Hughes Telematics, this upgraded variant allows M-B owners to make full use of all mbrace capabilities -- including concierge services -- via their iPhone. Where the existing functionality allows basic functions like finding and locking/unlocking a vehicle or locating the closest M-B dealer, the new software also adds the extra touches like getting restaurant and entertainment recommendations, directions and traffic info, all of which can be sent simultaneously to the owner's iPhone as well as to the car's navigation system.

"Version 2.0 of the mbrace Mobile Application takes the convenience and connectivity of mbace further than ever before, allowing customers to access connected services anywhere, anytime," said Sascha Simon, who heads up advanced product planning for MBUSA. That's what makes the system so great: the flexible architecture allows us to continually add new features as mobile technology evolves, keeping us on the cutting edge of innovation and connected services for our customers."

Beyond its enhanced concierge functions, the Mobile Application 2.0 also brings a slick upgrade to the Roadside Assistance feature. Now, when a call is initiated on an iPhone, the customer's location information is directly transmitted to the Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance Center. This not only permits more efficient and accurate service, but in cases where the vehicle's location may not be known or accessible or it lacks internal power, the mobile application lets the M-B Roadside Assistance team quickly and precisely pinpoint its position.