Mazda Minagi Concept -- Geneva Auto Show

By Editors on March 7, 2011 7:20 AM

Providing an early peek at a one-off that has very real production potential, the Mazda Minagi Concept made its public debut in Geneva. This compact crossover embodies both visual and mechanical elements the automaker plans to make an integral part of its next generation of vehicles and "symbolizes the evolution of the Mazda brand for a new era."

Exterior styling of the Mazda Minagi Concept clearly borrows from the new Kodo ("soul of motion") design language first seen on the firm's recently unveiled Shinari Concept vehicle that also will be on display in Geneva. But even more importantly, the Minagi features the first comprehensive implementation of Mazda's SKYACTIV suite of technologies, from its ultra-efficient engine and transmission designs to lightweight but extremely strong SKYACTIV structure and chassis elements.

Although Mazda has yet to officially comment on where or when a production version of the Minagi Concept will be joining its lineup, this five-passenger CUV is strongly rumored to be headed to America -- possibly as early as the 2012 model year -- and likely to arrive wearing a CX-5 badge.