Magna Steyr MILA Coupic Concept - 2012 Geneva Auto Show

By Editors on March 2, 2012 1:22 PM

A well-known supplier to the automotive industry, Magna Steyr returned to Geneva with a unique offering that showcases its skills on a multi-faceted platform. The striking Magna Steyr MILA Coupic Concept is a design study that embodies three different personalities, an open/closed coupe, sporty SUV and pickup truck. By the innovative use of various power-activated roof, glass and seat elements, the MILA Coupic can quickly and easily change its character to meet the needs of its owner.

Finished in Clash Green Metallic and satin finish Crystal White set off with aluminum trim, the MILA Coupic Concept drew design inspiration from modern high-end sport shoes and premium textiles. Its crowning touch is an innovative roof system composed of two independently operated folding modules fitted with transparent glass elements embedded in the textile material that add visual interest while actually helping support the soft top itself. By varying the position of each, it's possible to turn this five-passenger SUV-ish coupe into an al fresco alternative. When cargo hauling takes precedence, the MILA Coupic Concept can be transitioned into a light duty two-place pickup truck thanks to the clever reorientation of its power articulated folding rear seat module that does double duty as a load floor element and rear bulkhead.

"The MILA Coupic is a great illustration of the unique product design and engineering capabilities we can deliver to customers," said Guenther Apfalter, President of Magna Steyr. "Our customers expect suppliers like Magna to bring them innovative solutions to help them meet the increasingly demanding challenges of this industry. The MILA Coupic multifunctional concept showcases vehicle functionality through flexible seating systems, roof modules and materials." Magna Steyr currently has over 10,500 employees at its 37 facilities in North America, Europe and Asia.