Kelley Blue Book recently held its first ever video contest. Contestants entered from all over the country and based on the quality of the submissions we think it was a big success. We asked KBB users to produce a two-minute car review video and what they created blew us away. Three videos were selected from a collection of more than 50 entries as the winners, with the grand prize winner taking home a whopping $10,000 for his efforts. Second and third prize winners pocketed $5,000 and $1,000 respectively.

We've already featured the winning videos here but over the coming weeks we would like to turn the spotlight on a few of the most notable runners up. Let's start things off with a collection of four videos that struck us as particularly creative.

"Timeless" 1997 2.5 Acura TL
Timeless cleverly uses brief vignettes to convey useful information about the 1997 Acura TL. Funny and beautifully shot, Timeless is far more entertaining than our little description implies.

KBB 1957 Mercedes 300SL Roadster Review Contest
The subject: a 1957 Mercedes 300SL. The host: a crash test dummy. Let the magic ensue.

2007 Honda Civic: It'll Get You There
There are plenty of songs about muscle cars and pickup trucks. Not so many about the Honda Civic...until now.

Infiniti g20 video review for
This review of the Infiniti G20 is an awesome little bit of Borat-style humor. Not everyone "gets it" but those who do love it.

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