Do-over pie chart


Save the receipt.

That sage advice typically accompanies our first steps into consumerism, but the words are meaningless when it comes to buying a car. You can take back shirts, computers and refrigerators all day long, but ask a car dealer for a refund and you'll be lucky if you aren't laughed off the lot. If you really want your money back you can get it, but minus the several thousand dollars in depreciation that occurred when you drove it off the lot and turned it into a used car.

We recently asked KBB visitors if they'd buy the same car if given the chance to choose again, and more than two-thirds of the 323 respondents indicated they were happy with their original decision. Of course, that leaves almost a third suffering from some form of buyer's remorse.

The moral of the pie chart? When it comes to car buying, the three wise words aren't "save the receipt," but "do your research."

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