Every year at this time, Jeep aficionados from across the country head to the desert around Moab, Utah, to take part in the annual Easter Safari event. As in the past, this 47th gathering of the faithful will see Jeep and Chrysler Group's Mopar performance parts division roll out a number of unique one-offs designed to wow the crowds as well as test reaction for possible production spinoffs.

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While full reveals of the half dozen newly minted on/off-road warriors that were created for this unique exercise are still a few days off, Jeep has offered an early look at two of these well-engineered concepts: the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk II and the Jeep Wrangler Slim. Based on the newly upgraded 2014 Grand Cherokee, the Trailhawk II appears to be a logical extension of the original Trailhawk that appeared in Moab last year. Spun from a standard-wheelbase Wrangler, the Slim is more overtly aggressive in character, boasting a bolder body kit and bead lock wheels.

Although Jeep provided no technical details for either vehicle, both appear to be well-grounded in reality. Like previous Moab debutantes, each could well end up being a candidate for limited-edition status.

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