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Jaguar Limo-Green Concept Foretells Hybrid Future for XJ Sedan

By on September 15, 2009 7:33 PM
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Unwilling to be outdone by its German and Japanese prestige rivals, Jaguar used Frankfurt to present its take on how a range-extended future will look with a hybrid variation of its flagship XJ sedan. The XJ Limo-Green Concept uses the new 1.2-liter/three-cylinder Range Extender gasoline engine created by Lotus Engineering to recharge a lithium-ion battery pack that powers an electric motor that makes 195 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. That combo will allow the car to run for up to 30 miles in zero-emission mode while giving it and a total range of 600 miles, a top speed of 112 mph and a combined Euro-cycle fuel economy rating of 57 mpg. Jaguar execs admit that the one-off XJ Limo-Green design needs some additional refinement, but they've also confirmed there's definite production intent for this high-efficiency package with the XJ being the most likely target vehicle. As a side note, a similar kind of range-extended powertrain system would also seem to be fairly adaptable to the Land Rover side of its business. While Jaguar presented no production timeline for the XJ Limo-Green, the real key to moving it into series-build status revolves around improving the reliability and lowering the cost of its critical hybrid components, a goal that still seems to be several years off.
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