• QX Inspiration concept previews an all-electric Infiniti SUV
  • Can accommodate an electrified all-wheel drive powertrain
  • Exterior design echoes modern Japanese design and architecture
  • Lounge-like interior with high tech features and classic design references 


The QX Inspiration Concept get its exterior inspiration from both Infiniti’s heritage and current concepts. Imagine if the original FX, the Q Inspiration sedan and the Prototype 10 EV had a baby, this is it. Though just a concept, it also foreshadows Infiniti’s electric dreams.

Given the current success of SUVs we asked Infiniti if the QX Inspiration would translate into the first production EV for the brand. While there wasn’t a direct answer, we were assured it a vehicle of that type would be one of the first. An entire range of all-electric, e-powered and performance hybrid vehicles are promised.

Infiniti’s quest with this concept was to seek out a flexible architecture able to accommodate various powertrains. Thusly, the QX Inspiration Concept platform was tasked with incorporating a below-floor mount for the battery as well as placing the motors on both axles for all-wheel drive. This freed up the space needed for its cab-forward design boasting short overhangs.

Minimalist design cues

The front fascia of the QX Inspiration Concept takes a modern, minimalist approach. Lest you forget it’s an Infiniti, there is an illuminating badge where the grille would have been to remind you. Slivers of headlamps make for a rather indistinguishable, featureless face as they blend into the signature Infiniti silver body color.

The exterior sheet metal mimics the folds and sharp angles of origami. The cheekbones cut into the doors slash a well-chiseled profile. The low roof-line does dual duty in the sporty looks department as well as aiding aerodynamics.

A design element featured throughout the QX Inspiration Concept was inspired by the traditional Japanese tatami mat. Its horizontal lines are visible in the wheels, (of course they’re 22s--it’s a concept car after all), the tires, the headlamps and even pressed into the underside of the rear roof spoiler.  Vermillion and gold D-pillar accent acts as a signature design cue both on the exterior and cut through into the cabin, a way for designers to bring the language from outside in.

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Lounge-style cabin

The interior originated as a lounge design concept on how to reinterpret the cabin of a car to accommodate future powertrains and tech. The styling and materials inside hint at the past, with tufted upholstery fabric originally used in Chesterfield sofas and a brass lamp on the passenger side rear arm rest. Quaint.  

The center console extends into the rear of the cabin in marble then stretches forward between front seats and transitioning into a polished black resin and ending with one of the QX Inspirations seven touchscreens, including one in the steering wheel.

If you’re a person who enjoys physical buttons to control their car’s functions such as volume or climate control, perhaps you should start a support group now. I think you’re going to need it.

High tech past and future meet inside

The pancake flat cabin floor infers little interference from driveshafts or other traditional mechanical parts. Incidentally, the floor is lined with Alcantara suede inlayed with gold resin. Perhaps a nod to the traditional Japanese tradition of shoe removal when entering a home? And yes, the wood trim is real.

The same tatami-patterned exterior design repeats throughout interior as well. The louvered roof borrows from traditional Japanese architecture and affords the rear seat passengers quite a view.  As futuristic as the design is, there’s a distinct mid-century modern vibe to the QX Inspiration Concept, especially on the interior, where high tech’s future does a pleasing tango with high tech’s past.

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