Infiniti adds Personal Assistant concierge service benefit

By Editors on July 12, 2011 1:12 PM

Bolstering its total ownership experience with a decidedly human touch, Infiniti has launched a new feature that will allow owners using a suitably synched mobile phone to immediately access to a live team of people who are ready to provide a full range of information and services, 24/7. The Infiniti Mobile Assistant is being offered at no cost for the first four years of ownership on any new Infiniti EX, FX, G, M or QX model and coverage will be in effect nationally within the next 90 days. In addition to things like basic directions and city guides, Infiniti Mobile Assistant services will encompass  everything from providing weather forecasts, stock market reports, sports scores and movie start times to making travel arrangements, offering product pricing and review information and dispatching emergency assistance, when necessary.

To be eligible for Infiniti Personal Assistant, buyers register for the service before taking delivery of their vehicles. Infiniti also plans to offer the IPA service at minimal cost on vehicles in its four-year Certified Pre-Owned and one-year Infiniti pre-owned programs as well as making available four-year companion accounts that will allow owner access from a supplemental cell phone. In addition to the in-car advisories, Infiniti Personal Assistant services also can be accessed via e-mail and text messaging as well as other Internet portals.